Heyrim Cho
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology
University of California, Riverside


My research interest is in mathematical and computational biology, uncertainty quantification, and scientific computing. I have been developing numerical methods for high-dimensional stochastic systems and stochastic processes. I also work on modeling cancer growth and drug resistance in the purpose of optimizing anticancer therapies, and study approaches to quantify uncertainty in data-driven models.
I was a Brin postdoc fellow at University of Maryland, College Park, working with Doron Levy. I received my Ph.D. from the Division of Applied Math at Brown University, working with George Em Karniadakis. I received my B.S. in Applied mathematics and M.S.in Mathematics from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute on Science and Technology), working with Professor Chang-Ock Lee.

Research Interests

  Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematical oncology, Data-driven modeling
  Stochastic modeling and Uncertainty Quantification 
  Computational methods for high-dimensional stochastic systems 
  Multi-scale modeling and simulations 
  Numerical PDE and High-performance computing 


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