Spring 2022: Machine Learning and Multiscale Modeling in Biology (Math 259, UCR)
  Spring 2022: Introduction to ODE for Physical Sciences and Engineering (Math 045/EE020A, UCR)
  Winter 2022: Probability and Mathematical Statistics II (Math 149B, UCR)
  Fall 2021/Fall 2022: Probability Theory (Math 206A, UCR)
  Spring 2021: Modeling and Simulation of Stochastic Systems (Math 260-026, UCR)
  Winter 2020/Spring 2020: Vector Calculus I (Math 010A, UCR)
  Fall 2019: Numerical Anlysis I (Math 135A, UCR)
  Spring 2019: Computational methods (AMSC460, UMD)
  Fall 2018: Discrete Mathematics for Life Science (MATH135, UMD)
  Spring 2018: Computational methods (AMSC460, UMD)
  Spring/Fall 2017: Elementary Calculus I (MATH120, UMD)
  Fall 2016: Elementary Calculus I (MATH220, UMD)
  Spring 2016: Linear Algebra and differential equations (Honors) (MATH341, UMD)
  Fall 2015: Multivariable Calculus (Honors) (MATH340, UMD)
  Summer 2014: Basic College Mathematics, RI Men's Correction Facility (CCRI program), co-Instructor
  Fall 2010/Spring 2011: Methods of Applied Math I/II (Differential equations) (APMA0330/40, Brown), T.A.
  Spring/Fall 2008: Analysis I/II (MAS241/242, KAIST), T.A.

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